College websites are the single most effective tool for recruiting new students – but, first, the students have to find your site. That’s where HEAT comes in.

HEAT is a suite of retargeting tools built specifically for higher education. It not only drives prospects to your site, but also helps you meet recruitment goals at every point within the enrollment funnel.

HEAT Retargeting Suite

Web Site Retargeting

Re-engage prospects who have already visited your site, keeping your institutional brand top-of-mind and encouraging them to take action.

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List Retargeting

Make Student Search go farther by finding those students online and generating awareness through customized ads that move them to act. Enhance awareness and a sense of connection among students who have already applied, been admitted, or deposited, increasing application yield and deterring summer melt.

Audience Expansion

Access our exclusive audience of over 8 million in-market students to identify and target an even broader pool of likely prospects.

HEAT Engages Students Throughout the College Selection Process

Hannah starts thinking about college:

Boost Brand Awareness

HEAT finds Hannah online and delivers ads about your school, boosting brand awareness and instantly setting you apart from the competition.

Hannah’s name appears on a purchased list for Student Search campaigns. Soon, she begins seeing your ads wherever she goes online.

Increase Inquiries and Applications

Since her first visit to your site, we’ve retargeted Hannah online with messages that reinforce your brand’s value propositions and stimulate an inquiry and/or application.

Hannah visits your website. She is then retargeted with your ads, deepening her interest and inciting further inquiry. Ultimately, she submits an application.

Increase Yield

We’ve furthered the conversation by highlighting campus lifestyle, internship opportunities, and recent graduate outcomes at your school. This online experience now culminates in Hannah’s decision to apply and enroll.

Having become acquainted with your school, Hannah applies. Upon acceptance, she enrolls for the fall semester.

Resist Summer Melt

Throughout the summer, we’ve retargeted Hannah with online ads highlighting homecoming and other high-profile campus activities to remind her why she chose your school and to build excitement. Hannah now feels empowered to follow through and arrive for orientation.

Hannah commits to your school. She deposits and arrives for classes in the fall.

HEAT Features

Advanced Targeting

Our targeting capabilities let us communicate directly to specific students and the influencers within their household. By targeting IP addresses and other defined student attributes we maximize ad value and eliminate inefficient campaign spending.

Real-Time Optimizations

We get a view into each campaign in real-time, enabling us to fine-tune messaging and strategy as necessary.

Creative Resources

We mirror your brand in our optimized banner and video ad templates, accruing the resources for an integrated cross-media, cross-channel online campaign, that includes personalized and segmented messaging relating to your audience.

Brand Perception Research

Our front-end brand perception research provides us with an understanding of what your prospective students think about your institution, enabling us to make data-driven decisions about how to engage them.

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Since 2007, Campus Explorer, Inc., has helped higher education institutions recruit and enroll more than 100,000 students. A four-time recipient of the Deloitte Fast 500 (2012-2015), Campus Explorer continues to grow and bring innovative products and services to the higher education industry.


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The Value of Retargeting for Student Recruitment