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retargeting do's and dont's

Clickz recently provided some do’s and dont’s related to running retargeting campaigns. Here, we will examine three recommendations in each category that are particularly important for recruitment marketing purposes in higher education.

In terms of do’s, it is recommended to:

  • Look at metrics beyond clicks: While click-through rate is a common metric that has long been relied upon, it does not tell the full story. The article suggests that analyzing view-through conversions is one way to help determine how views and impressions contribute to driving site visitors. It is also important to evaluate campaign costs related to specific conversions, including requests for information and applications. Furthermore, it is also crucial to remember that clicks don’t enroll in school!
  • Develop dynamic and varied creative assets: Programmatic technology enables creative to be dynamically matched to specific prospective students so that the right message is being delivered at the opportune time. One-size-fits-all messaging does not work, especially with prospective students who expect highly personalized marketing.
  • Know your audience so that your messaging is personalized and targeted: Use campaign and website data, market research findings, and knowledge of where prospects are in the funnel to deliver ads that reflect what you know about them and what they are seeking in terms of information.

And, now for the don’ts:

  • Don’t rely solely on one network: Retargeting campaigns should utilize a variety of exchanges beyond Google Display Network to maximize volume and visibility across the internet. In particular, Facebook and Youtube are highly recommended. Prospective students are on these channels, and we have seen great campaign results when analyzing the contributions of Facebook and YouTube.
  • Don’t minimize the importance of the cookie: Although advertisers and marketers are beginning to focus on obtaining and using first-party data, experts warn that retargeting won’t be as effective without cookies. With an increasing emphasis on mobile, they key is to figure out how to create a smooth and connected user experience across various devices and screen types.
  • Don’t ignore where students are in the funnel: Don’t serve application-focused ads to prospective students who have already applied to your institution.


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