No Spoiler Alert Necessary for Higher Ed Retargeting

No Spoiler Alert Necessary for Higher Ed Retargeting image

The cross-channel, cross-device nature of website retargeting is a major advantage for colleges and universities in terms of recruitment marketing. Although prospective students seeing ads for schools will hopefully decide to inquire further, schedule visits, and apply, parents (who are important resources and influencers in the college selection process) who view college advertisements can then engage their sons and daughters in important conversations about their future plans.

Targeting multiple members of a household based on viewing specific websites is not great across all industries, particularly at specific times of the year. Did any of you have a similar experience to the author of this recent Variety article, in which the author laments about how he saw the present that his wife bought for him on Facebook and other sites that he visited for almost a month leading up to this year’s holiday season? If so, that is unfortunate but luckily an experience relegated to the retail world. Website retargeting for colleges and universities is always a wise and timely practice that never poses a risk to Santa! For the next few months, retargeting is an especially wise and timely practice for institutions as admissions deadlines rapidly approach.

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