Still with Me?

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Well, it’s official: Goldfish now have a longer average attention span than humans (according to a recent Microsoft study).

Still with me?

So, if our attention spans are down to 8 seconds, how does that impact our ability to advertise higher education institutions to prospective students effectively when you consider the following stats:

  • 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on websites 1
  • 28% of words are actually read on an average (593 words) web page 2
  • Average time spent reading an email is 15-20 seconds 3
  • Average length of the most watched YouTube videos = 31 seconds to 2 minutes 4
  • Advertisers have 5 seconds on YouTube to convince the audience an ad is worth watching before a viewer can skip it. 94 percent of people skip pre-roll ads after that five-second mark. 5

So, it appears that emails and web pages used for recruitment purposes are expecting prospective students to stretch their natural attention spans.

The pre-roll video ads appear to be promising. It is also interesting that the average length of popular videos viewed on YouTube exceed our average attention spans by considerable amounts of time.

Can you think of any other forms of advertising that don’t require prospective students to pay attention for more than eight seconds?

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