Website Retargeting and Student Search Help Kalamazoo College Boost Applications



Kalamazoo College, a highly competitive liberal arts college in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has increased applications by 65% compared to the same time in the admissions season last year using a combination of Student Search (email and postal mail) and website retargeting campaigns.

Utilizing Campus Explorer’s Higher Education Audience Targeting (HEAT) for website retargeting, the campaigns have contributed to more than 140 applications and cost 60% less per application than the email and postal mail campaigns. In combination, these recruitment methods provide a robust and effective way to reach prospective students on various channels and devices with personalized, relevant, and timely messaging that showcases Kalamazoo College’s excellent educational offerings with brand integrity.

While Student Search is a great way to engage prospective students for the first time, website retargeting re-engages prospects (some of whom are likely stealth applicants) who have previously visited Kalamazoo College’s website and encourages them to learn more about the institution, schedule visits, and apply.



About Kalamazoo College
• A nationally renowned and internationally oriented four-year college of arts and sciences
• Located in Kalamazoo, Michigan
• Founded in 1833, it is among the 100 oldest colleges and universities in the nation

• Engage prospective students for the first time
• Re-engage prospective students who have demonstrated interest by visiting Kalamazoo College’s website

• Website retargeting
• Student Search (email and postal mail)

• Increased applications by 65% compared to the same time last year
• Average cost per application in website retargeting campaigns 60% lower than Student Search

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